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How to be Healthy

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From time to time, we all become engulfed with the newest diets, the most advanced supplements or the latest research on how to get leaner, more muscular or faster. If we are experiencing a health issue such as fatigue, insomnia, bloating, weight gain or digestive issues, we are quick to research the latest pill, weight loss diet or fitness protocol […]

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Jog or Sprint? – An Evolutionary Perspective

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Power Lifters and Weight Lifters may tell you that jogging is a load of crud and Marathoners will say that heavy resistance training makes you bulky, less agile and gives you a heart attack. Pretty profound statements but that’s just the truth of the matter when there’s an emotional attachment. It seems engrained in people’s […]

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Lower Back Pain in Exercise, Sport and Daily Life

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“It is estimated that 70-90% of people suffer from back problems at some point in their lives.” – Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2007-08. “Up to 80% of Australians experience back pain and 10% have significant disability as a result.” – The Medical Journal of Australia, 2009. “Back pain is the single leading cause of disability […]

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Fit & Lean Nomad

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Checklist –  comfortable, breathable clothing (shorts, tee) –  waterbottle –  imagination –  winner, healthy, clean, positive mindset   I’ve just spent a week travelling and initially came to the immature conclusion that my training would naturally drop to <50% or I would just take the opportunity to have an “off week” since getting access to […]

strong is the new skinny healthierliving

Strong is the New Skinny – Training Women

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The aerobic exercise myth Ever noticed the weights room is stereotypically the “male” section and the cardio machine /aerobics room is stereotypically the “female” section?? When asked about this phenomenon, women typically respond with; “I’ve heard I need to do lots of cardio to lose weight”, and “I don’t want to get bulky”. Initially, most […]

summer bikini body healthierliving

Summer Bikini Body

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It´s that time of the year again… time to put away the heater, woollen socks, slow cookers and those extra layers that have unwelcomely surrounded your mid section. If your efforts to achieve that toned beach body seem to frustratingly be an annual failure, before you start cursing with passion, read on. In a bikini, […]

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Rock Hard Glutes

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The glutes are fairly underrated pieces of your anatomy. Your glutes are your biggest and most powerful muscles (ideally), they protect your back, protect your hip joint and pelvis, improve your squat and deadlift, vertical jump, sprinting speed, ensure you don’t overload your hammies, and look damn good when they’re conditioned. It’s common to have glutes […]

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Derierre, Pins and Love Handles

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What’s a simple, easy, effective workout for the biggest fat loss effects? For years they used to say do uber long sessions of cardio and you’ll still see many women (and men) in the gym today slogging it out for hours on the treadmill, bikes or cross-trainers with the intense desire to lose that stubborn […]

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Do you Qualify for Olympic Lifting?

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“Most of us do not particularly need to practice the olympic lifts, they are not specific to any sport other than professional Olympic Weightlifting and there are many ways to improve mobility, strength and power whilst avoiding these highly technical lifts requiring years of training to master.” Olympic lifts, when performed correctly, are ultimate examples of the […]

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The Verdict on TRX and Suspension Straps

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Back in 2011 when this article was written, the TRX was considered another hyped-up piece of equipment which may or may not have deserved such a strong spotlight shone it’s way. I believe they have great value but still consider them a single tool in the strength training toolbox and by no means comprehensive. Some […]