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Systematic Detox

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  How are you feeling within your own skin as we venture further and further into 2018? Are you feeling strong, healthy and invincible? Are you sticking to all your new year’s resolutions? If not, you have nothing to be ashamed of – we all tend to eat and drink a little more than we […]

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Gut Health & Cellular Energy

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“All disease begins in the gut.” — Hippocrates. This is not 100% true for all diseases but it is fairly accurate for most chronic metabolic diseases. There exists an intimate connection between your gut health and your overall health and wellbeing, so intimate that the gut is now being referred to as the second brain. […]

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How to be Healthy

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From time to time, we all become engulfed with the newest diets, the most advanced supplements or the latest research on how to get leaner, more muscular or faster. If we are experiencing a health issue such as fatigue, insomnia, bloating, weight gain or digestive issues, we are quick to research the latest pill, weight loss diet or fitness protocol […]

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Cellulite – A Fascial Problem ?

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Cellulite is and always has been a hot topic. What is it? How do I get it off my body? What is the fastest way to get rid of it? Why do some skinny, fit people also have it? It wasn’t until I started learning more about human anatomy and physiology and blended that with […]

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Modern Lifestyle Ancient Biochemistry

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Health begins and ends in the gut. I’m not sure why people avoid speaking about their bowel health and yet willingly speak about their liver, heart or deltoid muscle. It’s a bit like admiring the beauty of someone’s hair, as long as that hair remains attached to their head. Once that hair has fallen off […]

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Summer Bikini Body

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It´s that time of the year again… time to put away the heater, woollen socks, slow cookers and those extra layers that have unwelcomely surrounded your mid section. If your efforts to achieve that toned beach body seem to frustratingly be an annual failure, before you start cursing with passion, read on. In a bikini, […]

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Human Fuel – Cellular Energy and Health

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Energising your cells – Nutrition for Health & High Performance in Sport and Daily Life Skip the BS, fad diets, anyone out there preaching the way to eat with vested interests, ditch the government’s food diet pyramid (because that obviously has not created a more vibrantly healthy nation) and look at the science behind what […]


The Fat on Cholesterol

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I eat organic grass-fed fatty meat, organic chicken thigh and chicken skin, organic egg yolks, full-fat organic yoghurt/cream, organic coconut oil and loads of butter! Did I always eat like this? Definitely not. I used to fall subject to the common fear that high-fat and high-cholesterol will make you fat. I used to eat Low-Fat-Everything […]