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Jog or Sprint? – An Evolutionary Perspective

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Power Lifters and Weight Lifters may tell you that jogging is a load of crud and Marathoners will say that heavy resistance training makes you bulky, less agile and gives you a heart attack. Pretty profound statements but that’s just the truth of the matter when there’s an emotional attachment. It seems engrained in people’s […]

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Lower Back Pain in Exercise, Sport and Daily Life

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“It is estimated that 70-90% of people suffer from back problems at some point in their lives.” – Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2007-08. “Up to 80% of Australians experience back pain and 10% have significant disability as a result.” – The Medical Journal of Australia, 2009. “Back pain is the single leading cause of disability […]

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Surf Strength & Conditioning – Preparing a Surf Athlete

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Strength and conditioning programs must be specific to each individual’s body, their chosen sport, their current strengths and weaknesses, their psychological state and the level at which they wish to compete. Strength training is not just about putting on muscle mass and lifting heavy weights, it is about creating co-ordinated, well conditioned muscles that function […]

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Endless Surfing – Expand Your Injury Buffer-Zone

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Nature really is the best playground. As a strength & conditioning coach, I love getting stuck into the gym and being able to target specific body areas, movement patterns and aspects of training based on what I feel I need at that point in time. However, there is something pretty darn rewarding about getting physical […]

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Do you Qualify for Olympic Lifting?

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“Most of us do not particularly need to practice the olympic lifts, they are not specific to any sport other than professional Olympic Weightlifting and there are many ways to improve mobility, strength and power whilst avoiding these highly technical lifts requiring years of training to master.” Olympic lifts, when performed correctly, are ultimate examples of the […]

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Snow Fit

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Skiing and snowboarding can one of the most satisfying holiday experiences; with expansive views, crisp fresh air, comforting night time fires, drinks and hot chocolates, and not to mention a daily thigh, butt and core toning every day without conscious intention of doing so. However, skiing can potentially lead to unexpected injury if you are […]