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–  comfortable, breathable clothing (shorts, tee)

–  waterbottle

–  imagination

–  winner, healthy, clean, positive mindset


I’ve just spent a week travelling and initially came to the immature conclusion that my training would naturally drop to <50% or I would just take the opportunity to have an “off week” since getting access to a gym would be a challenge and personally I didn’t want to spend my holiday time in the confines of a gym box.

Having not entered a commercial gym once since leaving home, my muscle size has either improved or has at least stayed the same, and I am feeling leaner. To really get the most out of travelling, I generally tend to physically go all-out for a day or two when I assume the next day will be spent sitting on my ass. Training is then intermittent which appears to work well for me and gives your body enough shock followed by recovery to get the results you are after, perhaps superior to keeping a consistent training schedule.

Fit Nomad Tips

Choose as many active outdoor activities as possible.

The added bonus of keeping in shape, in my humble opinion, is appreciating nature and experiencing far more that your chosen destination has to offer.

  • Walk around the city for a couple of hours
  • 30 min morning stretch followed by a 2-3 hour trek through a national park
  • 1-3 hour surf
  • 2 hr rockclimb
  • 10 X 40m beach sprints
  • 1.5hr coastal rock hopping
  • Ocean swim
  • Bike-ride
  • Kayak
  • Canoe
  • Stand-up paddleboard
  • Ski
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Dance class or go out clubbing all night!
Throw is Bodyweight /outdoor exercises every 1-2 days as a 15 min workout using your imagination.

Ideas include:

Stretching tight muscles or mobilising restricted joint areas.

This is particularly important for those areas specially prone to stiffness / tightness with long periods of sitting while travelling, carrying luggage / backpacks or previous day activities which you are normally unaccustomed to. I’ve been seen at airports and bus terminals using a wall to stretch or placing down a towel and just stretching what I know needs attention..just avoid downward dogs or other butt-facing-people moves (needless to say, I also admit to performing these in public places).

FOOD.. The more important factor for keeping weight off while abroad.
  1. Get plenty of clean, filtered/natural spring water
  2. Eat protein, good fat, fruit and vegetables.
  3. Eat fresh fruit in season.
  4. Replace grains and processed carbs with healthy carbs such as rice, sweet potato, pumpkin, turnip, beetroot, suede, carrot and parsnip.
  5. Choose grass-fed, organic meats, organ meats, bone broth, free-range organic poultry and wild fish.
  6. Timing of food intake. Having larger amounts of food with more carbs/calories just after a heavy workout or after several hours of trekking/climbing/other activity. Just after exercise like this, insulin sensitivity is heightened and glucose receptors have been brought to the surface of muscle cells, favouring whatever is next eaten to be used in the muscle rather than stored as fat in fat cells. Growth hormone is also elevated immediately after exercise compared to when sedentary, so conditions are primed for muscle growth and fat loss rather than fat storage when the next big meal comes.
  7. Choose local produce over monster supermarket chains for freshness and quality.
  8. Enjoy a good wine/beer occasionally, keeping in mind the fat storing and toxic effects of alcohol with respect to your body-shaping and health goals.
  9. Use coffee as an ergogenic (performance) aid pre-workout/trek/rock-climb/bikeride etc, to shake off fatigue and burn more energy. If you experience shakiness, nervousness or anxiety with coffee, don’t use it.

If you haven’t tried any of the above techniques for personal health and fitness goals and are about to embark on a travel odyssey, this may be the beginning of a stronger, leaner, fitter and healthier body for you.

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